Norfolk Island Benefit Concerts

St Barnabas Chapel, Norfolk Island

St Barnabas Chapel, Norfolk Island

Since visiting Norfolk Island over 25 years ago, David and Beverley have made it their personal objective to support this unique island community. Over the years they have revisited the island many times, developing personal friendships with many of the residents.

David and Beverley direct their attention to the preservation and renovation of the historic and beautiful St Barnabas’ Chapel on the island. This mission church was built as a memorial to Bishop Patterson who was killed by natives in the Solomon Islands in 1871 and still stands today. St Barnabas Chapel was the mother church of the Church of England’s missionary work in Melanesia between 1880 and 1920. During that time thousands of students from the Pacific islands came to the Mission College to live and study.

David and Beverley generously assist in raising donations which are directed towards the upkeep and preservation of this beautiful building. Funds raised by David and Beverley have assisted in repair of the beautiful Rose Window and the reconditioning of the historic Willis Pipe Organ. Bi-annual Norfolk Island Benefit Concerts are held consisting of a special program of music accompanied by a freshly prepared chicken lunch.

Contact David and Beverley to find out when the next Norfolk Island Benefit Concert will be held.